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Engin Medical was established in 1980 by our founder Salih AY. Since the day it was founded, it continues to import and sell pioneering, innovative and quality products in its sector. Our priority has always been and will continue to be customer satisfaction.

In the field of voice prostheses, we will continue to provide services not only for the sale of products, but also to reduce the hospital burden of our physicians, to solve the problems of our patients, to provide education and information, and to increase the satisfaction and healthy life quality of our patients with our expert healthcare staff.

We will continue to guide our patients by sharing our knowledge with all our patients that the life of our patients has completely changed with Total Laryngectomy surgery, but that it is now sustainable close to the old quality of life, and we will continue to support them in their new lives by eliminating problems.

Health First!

Engin Medikal
Engin Medikal Engin Medikal
Total laryngectomy:

Your New Anatomy

Your anatomy will change after the operation. There is an opening in your neck called a stoma. The stoma is created by connecting the upper end of the trachea to the opening in your neck. The stoma leads directly to your lungs. This permanent opening between the trachea and the surface of your neck is sometimes called a tracheostoma. You breathe through your stoma, not through your nose and mouth. Air enters and leaves your lungs through your stoma. You are now "breathing entirely through your neck".

The big day has come: You are leaving the hospital. Your medical team will make sure you are ready.

Voice Prostheses

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